Best car seat protectors

Best car seat protectors in 2018

Car seat covers serve several needs such as covering the auto seat from your sweat and dirt, shielding the auto seat from a baby seat, the kid or a pet.

Here are the best car seat protectors in 2018

1. Happegear Pro

HappegearPro Waterproof Athletic Car Seat Protector, best auto seat cover

With a HappegearPro, you can forget about sweating on your car leather seat as you drive back home from a strenuous workout or beach day.

The soft microfiber towel keeps dirt, liquids, and sweat from reaching the vehicle upholstery such that it only needs a little wiping and you are good to go.

The soft microfiber towel is very comfy and it clips into position with one click. This ensures that it stays in place whatever rough ride the car goes through.

With a water-resistant material, you can easily wipe it and get back to using it, or you can machine wash and then cool dry it for immediate reuse.


  • Easy to clean
  • Can fit several car seats
  • A tri-layer design absorbs, stores and prevents sweat and dirt from reaching the seats
  • Affordable price


  • Backing crumbles quickly in hot weather

2. Luliey Car Seat Cover (2-Pack)

Luliey Car Seat Protector By Car Back Seat Protector Pad

Protecting your car seats extends from babies to food incidents, mud, spills, and even dirty shoes. Luliey is the best car seat protector for baby seats that lets you enjoy a mess-free ride, whether you’ve carried pets, kid or dirty visitors.

Measuring 45 by 8.5 inches, the extra large size will cover the entire seat and the whole baby booster seat, giving ultimate stain protection.

The high quality auto seat mat is made of premium 600D oxford canvas as the main material, and long lasting PVC side corner leather that can withstand any pressure. The inside features foam padding for a comfy rest.
It features special anti-slip backing that rigidly holds to the auto seat ensuring that is safe at all times even in case of a crash.

Baby items are always bulky and the mesh pocket in this cover will provide you with an extra space for storing snacks or toys.


  • Premium quality material
  • Non-slip guarantee
  • Easy to install and universal fit
  • Easy to clean


  • Rubber on the underside gradually melts away

3. TanYoo Waterproof Car Seat Cover

TanYoo Waterproof Vehicle Seat Cover

TanYoo is a waterproof seat mat, the ultimate shield for your car seat from stains, sweat, mud, rain, odor, spills, and so on. It also protects your leather seats from water and sunshine.

The universal design measuring 49.2 by 21.25 inches is made to fit most small cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Non-slip grooves assure that the cover or child seat won’t shift an inch while on the move and buckling straps make it more slide proof.

It has a two-layer structure that absorbs and traps all the harmful liquids. If that is not enough, the washing the seat mat only needs wiping or gentle machine washing and it’s as good as new.

Finally, they provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee backed by a full refund policy.


  • Protects seats from all kind of dirt and liquids
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No side straps

4. Sojoy Universal Four Season Car Seat Cushion Cover

Sojoy Universal Four Season Fashionable Car Seat Cushion Protector, best car seat cover

Sojoy is a seat towel optimized for shielding your auto seats from dirt and sweat through ultra-breathable and super absorbing microfiber cushion. The super-absorbent material actually cools down your body.

The material is also bacteria resistant, thus your sporting or fitness sweat won’t eat up the cover fabric.

It universally fits different types of car seats and lock tight adjustable buckle straps coupled with the most advanced non-slip silicon beads ensure that it sticks in place. Installation is also an easy one step procedure

The material is breathable and thus it won’t stink after absorbing sweat.


  • Easiest to install
  • Super absorbent material
  • Comfortable padding


  • The bottom is not buttoned or strapped

Benefits of a car seat protector

As seen from the features, a vehicle seat cover affords you several benefits that are worth the effort of purchasing and installing the cloth.

The benefits of a car seat protector include;

1. A longer lasting car upholstery

The seat cover shields the auto cloth or leather from pressure, dirt, sweat and so on, that would make it decompose and wear fast, demanding frequent replacement.

2. Cleaner car

Besides grabbing dirt, best seat protectors have absorbent material that sucks and stores liquids that would harm your car upholstery.

3. Easier maintenance

Cleaning the auto seat cover doesn’t compare to washing and vacuum cleaning needed by the car upholstery. A waterproof vehicle seat protector only needs wiping or gentle machine washing.

4. Improves safety in the vehicle

Once again the car seat protectors for cloth and even car seat covers for leather seats feature non-slip reinforcement so that whatever is using it is rigidly held to the vehicle seat.

Car seat protector installation


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